Thursday, January 19, 2012


January 18, 2012 at 5:02 pm

Elizabeth’s 4.1 cited in this thread by VJTorley:

“Yes, the rejection of methodological naturalism is religious. / What would a non-religious rejection of methodological naturalism be?” – Dr. E. Liddle

Would VJTorley respond to my initial probe that prompted Liddle’s comment or not?

There in 4.0 I asked: What if someone had an ‘alternative to ID’ vision before they had even heard of ID? Would the IDM seek to ‘expel’ that idea from circulation if/when confronted with it? Or would they invite it to be shared, allowing even themselves to ‘follow the evidence where it leads’?

Liddle’s claim that rejecting MN simply (in her neurosphere) ‘is/must be religious’ is far less important to this Blog than VJTorley confronting the possibility of an ‘alternative to ID’ based on evidence.

What would VJTorley say about an ‘alternative to ID’ outside of MN?

January 19, 2012 at 4:08 pm


Thank you for your post. The ID movement would not expel someone with an alternative view: ID is a big tent, as I stated above, and we believe in exploring new possibilities. All those who believe that design is empirically detectable are welcome in that tent.

From here:


Gregory didn't ask you if people would be expelled or not as long as they believe that "design is empirically detectable", you dishonest piece of crap. He asked if someone would be expelled if they have an alternative view and whether you IDiots would invite it to be shared and 'follow the evidence where it leads'.

You certainly provided the expected answer. Unless a person believes that design is empirically detectable, they will be expelled from the ID movement. I'm glad that's settled.

By the way, vince, I believe that Fifi the pink unicorn, with the help of the FSM and Bigfoot, designed and created the universe, along with billions of other universes, and everything in all of them, and I believe that their design and creation is not only empirically detectable but a proven fact. Can I join the ID movement and live in your big tent?