Monday, January 16, 2012

This thread deserves...

...special attention. In it, gordon elliott mullings of Montserrat (kairosfocus) goes by the user name "Dictionary":

In that thread (and at many other places) he abundantly demonstrates his extreme evangelical fundamentalism. He obviously believes that the bible is THE words of his god and that the bible is inerrant. When you read that thread, watch for the following words by gordo:

"...the Bible is in major respects — both OT and NT — historical record, and abundantly confirmed as good record too."

"For, God is gracious and has given us many points of evidence whereby we may see just how credible and authentic — thus trustworthy and authoritative (even as as a top class dictionary is trustworthy and authoritative) — is the witness of the Scriptures, NT and OT."

"As we turn to the OT, it is worth noting again that we have some rather direct authentication in hand, from the Lord of truth Himself."

"But also, yesterday, I put up a useful summary slide show, by Hugenberger; which shows case after case where skeptical dismissals of the OT record run up against subtle clues and subsequent discoveries."

"Against that backdrop, genesis is a cosmology that sets the real record straight on origins, and in so doing just happens to lay out a unique ground of existence in the Morally upright Creator God who provides an IS that is an adequate foundation for OUGHT."


And the topper:

"Indeed, instead, he doubled down on false accusations and slanders, playing the Hitler card."

Yeah, like gordo never slanders or falsely accuses anyone by playing the Hitler/nazi card (and the Stalin, Marx, Pol Pot, Breivik, etc., etc., etc. cards).

Could anyone possibly be more a TWO-FACED, LYING piece of trash than gordon elliott mullings of Montserrat?

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