Wednesday, January 18, 2012


gordon elliott mullings of Montserrat spewed out of one of his faces:

"Duck it, duck the huge raft of implications on what we know about history and science, and even the current climate change debates, and try to play rhetorical attack games. That tells me more and more that we are dealing with irresponsible agendas and ideologies, not those who are docile before the truth. (FYI, TWT & Anti Evo et al, docile here speaks of humble “teachableness.”)"

From here (16.1):


gordo, the only thing you could teach is how to be a sanctimonious, goose stepping, two-faced, obnoxious, amoral, unscrupulous, repulsive, impotent, incorrigible, cowardly, pontificating, brainwashed, reality denying, fairy tale believing, proselytizing, deranged, pompous, rhetoric barfing, erroneously accusatory, fanatically narcissistic, LYING, maniacal fascist, and I have no interest in learning how to be like you. Go fuck yourself.