Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Crazier than Osama Bin Laden...

...and Hitler and Charles Manson and Kim Jong-il and Pol Pot and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad all put together. Yeah, that's kairosfocus (gordon e mullings of Montserrat). The main difference between gordo and all those other murderous monsters is that he doesn't have enough followers who are willing to wage war or murder people for him, or does he? He did say the other day that he has friends who are former murderers. Compared to those other monsters, gordo is only limited by his location and lack of means of carrying out what he would surely like to do; wipe out anyone who doesn't worship his tyrannical, authoritarian, dictatorial, Dominionist, totally corrupt, worthless, LYING ass.

In this thread, and many others, and on other sites, including his own, he is showing just how much of a raging lunatic he is:


I pointed out here the other day that he had arrogantly puked "for record" or "FOR RECORD" in that thread several times, as though what he says is the official record and authority on everything that matters. Well, now he has added:

"I have written for record"

"I need to speak for record"

"not least, for record"

"I now speak, FOR RECORD."

"For record."

gordo is totally out of his rotted, feeble mind. He's the very definition of evil. He has LIED and contradicted himself and distorted things so many times in that thread and at so many other places that I can't keep track of it all. He has made a career out of blaming and demonizing atheists, evolutionary materialists, methodological naturalists, scientists, evolutionists, "Darwinists", nihilists (whatever that is), science supporters, homosexuals, and many other people, including other christians who don't see things his way.

When I've said that he should be permanently committed to an insane asylum I meant it and still do. He is a menace and a danger to any decent society, and it's scary to think that he has children and is around other children on a regular basis.

I am unable to see any comments in that thread past number 10.2 or I would likely have found even more "FOR RECORD" crap from him and a lot of other insane spewage. He really does believe that he IS a god. He just uses his imaginary christian god to justify and authorize his own god-like (in his mind) behavior. And he actually DOES act like that imaginary god in the worst ways in which that god is depicted in the bible. If it were up to gordo, and if he could get away with it, he would order or personally carry out the destruction and genocide of everything and everyone that doesn't please him.

gordo is a FIRM believer that all the monstrous acts that the imaginary christian god carried out or ordered to be carried out (as depicted in the bible) were and are good, and morally justifiable. It doesn't matter whether any god actually did that shit. All that matters is that gordo and his fellow religious zombies believe that their imaginary god did that shit, and that they approve of it.

And don't forget that none of the IDiots stand up to him and tell him he's wrong or out of line, and that the people who own and run UD allow him to post his maniacal tirades there. gordo's "ilk" (a word he loves to use) obviously don't have any problem with the rancid shit he spews.

One more thing for now. In that thread, gordo says:

"So, madam, let me be direct, I explicitly deny — having warranted it yet again — that I am:

promoting the libel that atheists (or “evolutionary materialists) are dangerous amoral nihilists"

That is just one of his BLATANT, WILLFUL LIES. He CONSTANTLY accuses atheists and evolutionary materialists of being dangerous, amoral nihilists and a long list of other horrible things.