Friday, January 27, 2012

joe 'the mouth' gallien

joe the arrogant douchebag slobbered:

"Who are you to make such a claim?"

Hey joe, who does he have to be? And who are YOU to make any of your claims? It obviously hasn't occurred to you that you're just a loud mouthed, basement dwelling, delusional nobody who has been ranting against science (especially evolutionary theory) for years, but hasn't changed anything in science (including evolutionary theory) in any way whatsoever.

joe also barfed:

"If we cannot inquire into that then why even have science?"


No one but you IDiots are stopping you or any other IDiot from inquiring into anything you like. You morons are always accusing someone of preventing you from looking into things. You're not going to find anything by sitting at your computer every day ranting against science.

Tell me joe, what, in nature, have YOU ever discovered, studied, documented, and published that has contributed something positive, and previously unknown, to science? List, and direct me to, all of YOUR scientific discoveries, publications, and current studies, and especially the ones in the fields of biology, paleontology, archeology, geology, hydrology, astronomy, meteorology, and physics. You try to pass yourself as the ultimate expert in those fields and others, so let's see your credentials.