Sunday, January 22, 2012

gordo threatens Elizabeth Liddle with physical violence

January 21, 2012 at 4:29 pm

Dr Liddle:

I am astonished that you would enmesh yourself in something like the game ES is evidently trying.

Please, do better than this next time.


Elizabeth Liddle
January 21, 2012 at 5:43 pm

What are you talking about, kf? tbh I’m not even sure what comment of mine you are referring to. But, whichever it is, I assure you I am not playing “games”.

Can you clarify?

January 22, 2012 at 1:16 am

Dr Liddle:

Sorry, that will not wash.

You plainly enmeshed yourself in what is obviously a derail attempt on a thread that is SUPPOSED to be about the front-loading hypothesis.

You provided what seemed to be the innocent aside that I accommodated by giving a simplified explanation, making a pause in a fairly busy day for that. ES then dropped the other shoe, and you neatly referred to his comments as though nothing was out of order.

If this were a thread on something more closely related or a theme that was not significant and largely new to many of UD’s readership, and a guest post by someone who is somewhat of a critic of UD and the debates/tone that too often crop up here, I would be far more tolerant.

But right now, this looks uncommonly like dumping garbage on your neighbour’s newly mown lawn, when he is entertaining guests. (And, remember, I just had to call Joe and PG to order. Is this any way to treat a guest? Can you understand how I feel like the parent having to correct a child who decides to act up in front of guests? [That noise you hear is foot tapping and old Mr Leathers being limbered up to be applied to the seat of learning with vigour. Six of the best is about right . . . ])

I hope you understand why I went livid on seeing such, repeated.

The Caribbean word for this is: broughtupcy.

As in, the plain want of it. And, no less than FOUR UD regulars have been implicated.

Surely, we can do better than this!

(And a bunch of other blather)

From here:

So, gordo has resorted to an implied, if not explicit threat: "and old Mr Leathers being limbered up to be applied to the seat of learning with vigour. Six of the best is about right . . ."

If anyone were to say ANYthing like that to him you better believe that he would totally freak out and would be SCREAMING I've been threatened! I've been threatened! I've been threatened Mafioso style! He even claims that it's a threat, slander, and outing tactics when someone simply addresses him by, or mentions, his real name!

His threatening desire to dish out a beating with "old Mr. Leathers" ("good Guyana cane") is obviously not only aimed at Elizabeth Liddle, but also at the other three in the "FOUR", and I don't believe for a nanosecond that he's thinking that joe is part of that "FOUR". He's obviously referring to Peter Griffin, eigenstate, Elizabeth Liddle, and woodford. He must have forgotten about Petrushka.

And think about the fact that he has named his instrument of abuse, "old Mr. Leathers". Obviously it's a near and dear friend that he turns to on a regular basis, to enforce his tyrannical demands.

That UD let's that maniac (gordo) post there is all that anyone should need, to see that the IDiots who run and promote that site and its dishonest agenda are the lowest of the low. ALL of the IDiots are mental cases.

Keep in mind that gordo uses the 'guilt by association' crap all the time, including in that thread with his "enmesh" and other attacks on Elizabeth Liddle. Consider that when it comes to all the birds of a feather IDiots who associate with gordo on UD.

I'm sure that gordo would also like to beat me with his "old Mr. Leathers", and I really wish he would try. Man do I wish he would try. I'm also sure that if he and I were face to face that he would run away screaming in fright. "Bydand", my ass. He's a sniveling, spineless COWARD.