Saturday, January 14, 2012

If anyone doubts...

...what I've said about gordon elliott mullings wanting to cram his insane religious and political agenda into every aspect of everyone's life, read this:

"Consequently, in our families and churches, we should emphasise the fullness agenda: Christ came to fill all things. That means that we must seek to learn how to bring the transforming and blessing power of the gospel to bear on each aspect of our lives: Individuality Family Church School and campus Workplace/business and career Finances Arts, sports, entertainment Media General community and culture Politics and government Environment and development Etc.
To do so, we will need to develop and implement comprehensive, soundly biblical training programmes based in the home and church (but not neglecting other contexts: school, campus, media, public). Such programmes should work out how to pursue discipleship, perhaps in the three overlapping phases below:
  1. Consolidating commitment to Christ, his church and his mission.
  2. Living, serving and leading in families, and in service-oriented small groups/cells and ministry teams.
  3. Living, serving and leading in the wider community and world.
To that end, this web site is dedicated."

From here:

There's a lot more on that site about his maniacal beliefs and agenda.