Friday, January 6, 2012

joe-blow gets caught...

..trying to dishonestly change what he said and gets pissed at NickM for catching him and calls Nick a liar:

Yep, chronic willful liars like joe always blame and attack the people who catch them at their lies.

The other threads on joe's blog are also very revealing of joe's insanity, ignorance, arrogance, lies, and pretty much every other bad trait anyone could have. If you're looking for a good laugh, go there and see joe make a gigantic fool of himself.

joe-blow also likes to call people cowards even though he is the one who regularly blocks relevant comments and bans some people just because they call him on his bullshit. joe is the sniveling crybaby coward.

Cowardly joe has blocked all of my comments on his blog for a long time, and even though he has allowed some over the last couple of days, he has blocked several that I have submitted.

Update: Since shortly after I posted my comments above, joe has blocked all of the comments I have submitted at his blog.