Monday, October 31, 2011

ALL IDiots ARE creationists

October 31, 2011 at 9:54 am

GinoB wrote:
What is it with you IDCers? Why do you think going “LA LA LA THERE’S NO EVIDENCE!!” somehow magically makes the evidence disappear?”

Would you kindly cool it with these comments.

You continually refer to Intelligent Design Creationists. Your intention is crystal clear and combined with your antagonistic approach, it’s getting real old real fast. Take a page out of Elizabeth Liddle and co.’s book.

In case you missed it, here is the definition of Intelligent Design.

From here:


All IDiots, including you stu7, absolutely, positively ARE creationists. You believe that an intelligent entity (your chosen god) designed and CREATED the universe and every life form within it. You IDiots can argue all you want that creationist is a word that only applies to people who take every word in the biblical genesis story as literally true but it's just a lame and dishonest game you're playing. You simply cannot escape the fact that since you believe that there was and is a creator, you ARE a creationist.

Any details of the 'creation' you support are critical in any argument you IDCs make to support and promote the so-called ID inference/hypothesis/theory but they are irrelevant when it comes to correctly labeling you all as creationists, and it also doesn't matter who or what it is that you believe or say is the creator. Even if you said that your Aunt Martha is the creator you would still be a creationist. As long as you IDiots posit and promote any intelligent designer/creator of anything in nature, you are intelligent design creationists.

Fact: The term "Intelligent Design" was conjured up by creationists in a dishonest attempt to fool people (and science) into thinking that the underlying agenda is scientific. The religious zombies who applied that term to their agenda know that the term "Creationist" has a negative reputation (deservedly so) in the scientific community. They ignorantly and arrogantly thought (and still think) that a name change for their religious/creationist agenda would fool science and anyone else with a clue, but they were and still are mistaken.

And by the way, in your arguments you IDiots don't actually put forth any details of the alleged design and creation of the universe and the life within it because you have no details, and that's one of the main reasons that you are not taken seriously by science. Like I said, details are critical to supporting your assertions, and you have absolutely none.

You IDiots should "cool it" with your dishonesty and denial.