Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mr. Perfect

Check out this thread:

The first thing I noticed is that the usual gang of IDiots are playing the same old games they always do. When woodford asks for positive evidence of ID and examples of research for ID, the IDiots can't come up with any, because there isn't any, and they fall back on the totally lame argument that scientific evidence should be looked at as though a designer (god) is behind it all. That's ALL they've got.

To the IDiots, it's all about giving their imaginary god credit for nature. It doesn't matter to them if there's any evidence, or if it would make any difference in what scientific discoveries are made, or if it would further the knowledge of mankind, or if it would be practical, or if there's any actual relevant connection between science and their insane religious beliefs. All that matters to them is that everything, including science, should get down on its knees and worship their imaginary god.

Another thing I've noticed is that gildo is insanely jealous of the attention that Dawkins or any other REAL scientist gets, and that gildo is as insecure as anyone could be. His massive insecurity and jealousy are obvious in all of his posts.

gildo puts down Dawkins and science and makes a stink about how science hasn't figured everything out yet, and it's funny because gildo claims to be a "scientist" with credentials, schooling, and training galore, but for some strange reason gildo hasn't figured everything out! I mean, if he's so fucking smart, why does he have to go to work every day? Why hasn't he already figured out absolutely everything his employer wants or could ever use? Why is he still "working on it"? Why didn't he figure everything out the moment he was born? Why didn't he graduate from college when he was still in the womb? And if he's so fucking smart, why can't he provide ANY positive evidence for ID? Saying god-did-it isn't evidence.

gildo also obviously believes that he is perfect. In his delusional mind he's as perfect as the imaginary god he bends over for. He has never made any mistakes as a "scientist" (LOL) and it's only other scientists who make mistakes, and of course their biggest mistake is that they don't worship gil dodgen and his imaginary god.

All of the IDiots think that they are perfect. They always claim to be right, no matter what. They never admit a mistake, a flaw, or a lack of knowledge, because in their minds they are flawless, never make mistakes, and know everything. No god created man in his image. Some people (way too many) imagine god as something perfect, and by also imagining that their god created them in his image they can imagine that they are derived from his perfection. Therefor they are perfect too. A perfect chip off the perfect old block.

Of course it's all arrogance, and it's because deep down they are insecure and jealous, because they have never amounted to anything or contributed anything worthwhile to mankind. They desperately want to be somebody, and by attaching themselves to something popular (an imaginary god and religious beliefs) they think that they are important. It's a lot like a teenager who wears a T-shirt with their favorite rock band's name on it, or a woman who thinks that wearing designer label clothes makes her special, or a guy who wears a shirt with his favorite beer brand or sports team's name on it. Why do people do that stuff? Because they think that they are special by associating themselves with, or by worshiping, something or someone special. Now, what's the most special thing that you can imagine? An omnipotent, omniscient god? Yep.

Think of all of the attributes people have given gods throughout time. gods can do whatever people imagine they can do. gods are like comic book superheros, only better, and the christian god that most IDiots promote is touted, by christians, as the most powerful god of them all, and the only one that truly exists. To a christian IDiot, there's nothing that their god can't do. And of course the christian IDiots think that they were specially created by, and are agents of, their imaginary god, which in their minds puts them above anyone who doesn't believe the same fairy tales.

I wonder if any religious person has ever thought about whether wombats or cephalopods believe that they were created in some god's image. Yeah, you're thinking I'm crazy, but my point is: what makes humans so special that we are the ones who were created in some god's image? Why not wombats or cephalopods? After all, they have been around longer than humans. Lots of things have been around way longer than humans, and lots of things will still be around long after humans are extinct. Our alleged specialness is only in our minds. To the rest of nature we are not only not special, but are dangerous and destructive, and to some things we are just food, or a host. Ask an alligator or a tapeworm if humans are special.

Since we're allegedly created by a god, in his image, I wonder if that god is afflicted with all of the ailments that a human can get? Does god have crotch itch and hemorrhoids? LOL