Friday, October 28, 2011

vjtorley finally said something true...

...about himself:

"I’m nobody of any consequence."


So tell me, vince, why should Dawkins give a shit about what you think or say, and what makes you think that he should respond to your asinine "charges"? And why didn't you post your arrogant drivel on Dawkins' website? Are you too cowardly to do so? Acting like a tough guy in the UD sanctuary-for-chickenshit-god-zombies isn't going to impress anyone except your blow-up jesus doll and your fellow IDiotic cowards on UD.

You've got no room to bash others for alleged cowardice, lying, character assassination, public hypocrisy, moral inconsistency, and an ethical double-standard. Look at yourself, jerk, and at your fellow genocide supporting IDiots, AND at your absolutely insane, sanctimonious, amoral, shit spewing, nazi-esque hero > william lane craig.