Saturday, October 15, 2011

An incredible display of game playing tard by the IDiots

This thread is an excellent example of the dishonesty, denial, insanity, and childish game playing that IDiots constantly engage in:

Even without considering all the tard from the other IDiots, born-to-be-nuts77 is a one man wrecking crew to ID. If any one person on UD can completely demolish the assertion that ID is a "scientific" theory, he can, and does. And after all of the religious crap that he and the other IDiots spew, they still try to deny that their motivation is their religious beliefs. Comment 17.2 is a good example of that, and it also shows what blatant liars they are. Actually, the whole thread shows that. Keep in mind that those are the people (the IDiots) who regularly accuse their opponents of lying and being "intellectually dishonest". Can you say PROJECTION?

And notice that Mirrortothesun confirms (comment 17) what I said in my No scott post about "including this one".