Friday, October 14, 2011

stephenb is playing childish games, as usual

October 13, 2011 at 8:47 pm

—”Here’s the problem with every single post on this site, including this one. They are all examples of motivated reasoning. The authors start with what they wish were the truth– that evolution is false– and then they look desperately for evidence that their wish is true. They construct arguments around that wish. Ultimately it is just intellectual dishonesty and propaganda, alas.”

Notice that the intellectual dishonesty is coming from the person who wrote that paragraph and will not provide a concrete example of what evidence and which arguments he is talking about. How exactly are they constructed around wishes?

From here:


You really are a child, aren't you stephen? Otherwise you'd stop pretending that you don't know exactly what Mirrortothesun is referring to and you'd stop playing games. After all, he/she did say "every single post on this site", which of course means all of the posts by arrington, "News" (o'leary), gordo mullings, and all the rest of you IDiots. Since you either haven't developed the ability to see what's right in front of your face, or you're just unwilling to admit what you see, I'll try to explain it so that even you might understand and stop playing your stupid games.

The "concrete example" is that all of the evidence that science has found is at least worth consideration, and much of it has been verified, whereas you IDiots have NO evidence whatsoever to support your ID claims. You "wish" that your wacky beliefs were true, but that's all you have: wishes. You "wish" that evolution and the ToE were untrue, but again all you have are wishes. You should know that your beliefs are not scientific, not sane, and not real. ALL of the arguments for ID are non-evidential, and are based on crazy religious dogma and wishful thinking. Get it?