Saturday, October 22, 2011

stephenb believes that genocide is morally right (more added)

October 21, 2011 at 5:01 pm

—Petrushka: “Almost any basis for morality is superior to one that allows someone to claim that genocide can be justified by appeal to morality.”

How can you discern which moraltiy is superior to any other morality including your own, if you have no objective standard by which you can measure them all?

From here:


What the fuck is "objective" or sane about believing that a particular, imaginary god, who, according to the bible, orders and/or carries out genocide and other atrocities, is the right and only foundation for morality? Where does anyone get the idea that letting their morality be dictated by a belief in a mythical, monstrous, murderous god is the only right way to think and behave, AND that it places them way above people who don't practice the same, insane, self-righteous, sanctimonious, contradictory beliefs?

What a bunch of sick fucks.

All god zombies SUBJECTIVELY CHOOSE which imaginary god they want to believe in and worship (there are many choices as a matter of fact) and they SUBJECTIVELY CHOOSE the way they interpret and practice the variable, inconsistent, and contradictory dogma that is associated with that so-called god. There is NOTHING "objective" in that.

And it's nearly impossible to find even just two godbots who are members of the same religion who agree on every single aspect of their beliefs (including morals), and that's because they SUBJECTIVELY CHOOSE the particulars of what they want to believe and practice. Of course godbots who are members of different religions would disagree on many particulars and often on everything. There are approximately 40,000 christian denominations alone, plus all the other religions and their denominations or sects. There is no such thing as objectivity in any religious beliefs. It's ALL subjective.