Thursday, October 13, 2011

The IDiots are showing their true colors, again

In this thread:

The religious ID agenda is really obvious. The sole purpose of the so-called ID movement is to cram their religious beliefs into absolutely everything. They hate science because science has shown and will continue to show that religious beliefs are ridiculous. That isn't the purpose of science but it is a byproduct of science.

Take a look at this post by the IDiot stephenb:
October 13, 2011 at 8:21 pm

So, does this mean that both Liz and Acipenser are going to run away from my question? Here it is again in another form: If a meteorologist observes Moses parting the waters, is he obliged to say that the event was the result of natural causes?


Hey stephen, how old are you? Do you still believe in the tooth fairy? Tell you what, when moses or anyone else miraculously parts the Red Sea or any other sea or any other "waters", let me know. I want to be there to see it. Your question is so stupid and childish as to be not worth an answer. If you get one, consider yourself lucky, although you'll just ridicule the answer anyway. Reality is obviously a foreign concept to you, as it is with all IDiots.

You IDiots are the ones who constantly run away. You don't even have the balls to present your agenda on an open forum where you can't ban the people and comments you don't like.

Hey, let's see you prove that "Moses" ever actually existed. Let's see you provide any scientific evidence that any sea or "waters" were ever parted by anyone in the manner to which you're referring. Let's see you provide any testable evidence of a miracle. Let's see you prove that your chosen god exists, and that anything that has ever existed or occurred can be directly linked to him. Let's also see you provide any evidence that shows that you have a clue about anything that matters. Your delusions aren't scientific and never will be. Grow up.