Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The poster boy for brain damage

gordo says:

"And after a day and a half and more, with nearly 100 responses and over 1,000 views, it is clear that those who elsewhere so brazenly accuse us of out of context, misleading citation, have yet to seriously substantiate their claim."

And a LOT of other BS here (


No, gordo, the claims of you quote mining Lewontin to falsely represent what he said have been clearly substantiated many times and for a long time. You just won't accept that you could be wrong about anything. Your malignant narcissism is extreme, to put it mildly.

There's also the fact that UD heavily moderates its forums and has blocked and banned most of the people who would easily crush your silly arguments. Posting your lies and bald assertions in the UD sanctuary may impress a few of your fellow cowardly IDiots but it won't get you anywhere in the world of reality.

Hey gordo, if the inclusion of the sentences you always leave out would "further underscore the points" you're trying to make, then WHY do you always leave them out? Well?

By the way gordee-the-chickenshit-liar, when are you going to "seriously substantiate" your accusations that I threatened your family? You don't want to be seen as a sinning, evil douchebag who bears false witness, do you? Oh wait, too late.

And WHO THE FUCK is "us"? You and the voices in your cracked head?

Oh, and who cares if you're "impressed"? Listen carefully, you are not a god, you are not a god, you are not a god. You're an IDiot.