Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Are gpukio and vjtorley clones?

They sure do sound a lot alike.

On another note, in this very revealing thread that further demonstrates how deranged and arrogant IDiots are...


...gpukio, the coward who ran away from Mark Franks blog, says (among other things):

"And you cannot base a “best explanation” on an unwarranted assumption, based on a subjective ideology."

Then WHY are you and the other IDiots pushing ID and the rest of your asinine, unwarranted assumptions and subjective religious beliefs? Do you really think that your statement above doesn't apply to you IDiots? Well, it's obvious that you and the rest of the IDiots do think that, but you're wrong. YOU are the ones with the unwarranted assumptions, based on a subjective ideology, and YOU are the ones imposing your dogmatic personal views. Actually, calling your beliefs an ideology is being way too kind. It's insanity, and you are as insane as it gets.

You say:

"Consciousness is never destroyed."

"It is obviosuly in no way evidence that consciousness is generated by the body."

"But again, the “acts of intelligence” empirically originate in consciousness, not in the body."

"That humans are made of matter is only your arbitrary assumption. Humans have a body, which is certainly made of matter. But there is no evidence that their consciousness is generated by the material body."

Tell you what, gpukio, shove several sticks of dynamite up your ass and set them off. Your body (your matter/material), including your head (which is already up your ass), will be destroyed. Then come here and tell me if you still have consciousness and if your consciousness survived. I impatiently await your report. A video of the explosion would be especially entertaining and informing, that is, IF you or your consciousness are conscious enough afterward to provide one.