Monday, October 31, 2011

How revealing

In this post (15.1.1)...

...scott the-liar-for-god andrews says:

"You can parrot what someone else told you, but they aren’t here now to back you up. You might have to think for yourself."

Well, scotty, I and a lot of other people know WHY they aren't there. It's because you chickenshit IDiots block and ban most of the people who would gladly comment on UD and easily show that you IDiots ARE a bunch of brain-dead dishonest creationists.

And isn't it interesting and revealing that you know that few, if any, people are there that would likely back Gino up? You obviously also know WHY they aren't there. I'm sure that it gives a coward like you you a sense of security to know that the vast majority of people who would call you IDiots on your lies and bullshit are prevented from even commenting there, simply because they don't agree with you.

Oh sure, you IDiots will let one or a few people disagree or argue with you sometimes so that you give the appearance of 'welcoming open and honest discussion' but you know damn well that most of your opponents are blocked and/or banned.

And when are you religious zombies going to actually think for YOURselves and stop letting your delusional belief in an imaginary god, and the ancient goat molesters who originally conjured 'him' and those beliefs up, and the zombies (like you IDiots) who keep pushing fairy tale religious crap, do your thinking for you? You're just another mindless christian godbot that 'parrots' insane dogma.

Gino is kicking your IDiotic asses, mainly because, unlike you, he's honest.