Monday, October 24, 2011

Another false accusation from an IDiot

October 23, 2011 at 11:50 pm


“Americans and Indians are not the same species?”

That’s very white of you!

And this is why the world will never unite under the present pseudo-intellects guidance. When evolutionists call other human beings different species as if some are considered lower forms of life(sub-human), then expect the continued failed pursuit of world peace and security. Generally when you hear this kind labling of humans as being different species, it usually originates with folks who are caucasian. Nothing seems to have changed since centuries past. So-called modern enlightenment is apparently still just an illusion.


Hey eocene, it was robert byers, one of your fellow IDiots, who asserted that "indians" and "Americans" are not the same species. You're obviously WAY too stupid to have noticed that paraqwinn was QUESTIONING that assertion. There's a QUESTION MARK at the end of paragwinn's QUESTION, you illiterate piece of god zombie trash! In your zeal to attack anyone who doesn't worship you and your imaginary god, you have accused the WRONG person! That's par for the course with you IDiots.

This is what byers said, NOT paraqwinn:

"These indians were not Americans They merely walked on land now possessed by Americans. They are not the same people.
Get the species right."