Sunday, October 23, 2011

Butterfly wings and IDiotic assertions

In this article...

...some IDiot baldly asserted:

"No insect has the capacity to plan out its photonic crystals, wings, antennae, compound eyes or other elaborate structures. Much less does natural selection or any other unguided natural process have such a power."

"Designs with functions as effective and beautiful as a flashing butterfly wing point to a designing intelligence that understands both function and beauty that other designing intelligences would appreciate and would wish to imitate."

I would challenge those bald assertions on ENV but no comments are allowed on that article (a demonstration of their "courage", LOL), so I'll post my challenge here:

First of all, the IDiot writer assumes and asserts that a butterfly's "photonic crystals, wings, antennae, compound eyes or other elaborate structures" are "plan(ned) out", without having ANY evidence to show that that is the case. So, I'm going to toss that shit out and use different terminology.

If no unguided natural process can affect/alter the wings of a butterfly, then why is it that the natural chilling (cold shock) or warming (heat shock) of the chrysalis of a butterfly can cause the colors and patterns on the wings to be drastically different than what is typical of the species? Why is it that natural cold shock or heat shock can affect/alter the colors, patterns, or venation, and cause other abnormalities in other insects as well?

Is the temperature in every nook and cranny in nature something that is constantly controlled by some god? Does some god design each and every individual wing, wing scale, photonic crystal, pigment, antenna, eye, and "elaborate structure" of every insect on Earth, that has ever lived and ever will live?

How does ID 'theory' explain aberrant butterflies and other insects (or any other aberrant organisms)? Does god just like to design and create something abnormal sometimes?

In that article on ENV the IDiot writer also says:

"Ever wonder how butterflies flash brilliant colors from their wings? It's not done with pigment. Instead, butterflies use a trick of light that sounds like something out of Star Trek: "photonic crystals."" (my bold)

"The iridescent blue of the Morpho butterfly (seen on the cover of the Metamorphosis DVD) uses this technique, while and the oranges and yellows of the Monarch are produced by pigments." (my bold)

"Many butterflies use a combination of pigment color and structural color." (my bold)

Make up your microscopic mind, IDiot.


For some info on aberrant butterflies and other insects, see these or do a search for aberrant butterflies cold shock.