Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thanks gordo...

...for stating that "warranted correction to a damaging and demonstrably false assertion — whether or not it is a genuinely held opinion — is not uncivil", which of course means that everything I say here, and everything that is said by anyone against...


>every other IDiot/creationist/godbot/fairy tale pusher



>any other religion pushing website

>any religious beliefs

>any political agenda based on religious beliefs

>any agenda to include or force religion into public schools, government, and other public entities and properties

>any attempt or agenda by an individual or group to replace, invade, denigrate, eliminate, or manipulate the scientific method and/or the standard (non-religious/non-supernatural) practice of science

>any religious agenda of any kind

>any churches or other religious organizations

>any religious indoctrination of children

>any religious books and other writings

>any religious radio or television broadcasts

>and any religious images, statues, demonstrations, videos, paraphernalia, jewelry, etc.

...is not uncivil, since all of that, and everything you and other IDiots spew, is based on damaging and demonstrably false assertions that warrant correction.

I appreciate your support and approval.