Friday, October 21, 2011

If anyone thinks...

...that I've been hard on gordon e mullings of Montserrat and the rest of the IDiots on UD before, just wait until you see how I treat them from now on.

Check out this thread:

It's a great example of just how evil and rotten the IDiots truly are, and I do mean evil and rotten to the core. gordo is leading the bloodthirsty pack, although the other IDiots are showing their true colors too. Those guys are as despicable as anyone could possibly be. They are sadistic, vile, ruthless, murder condoning monsters and racists. The contempt I have for them is immeasurable. Expect to see several threads here about their remarks in that thread on UD.

I suggest that any of you who are appalled by the IDiots on UD to copy all of the remarks by the IDiots as they appear in that thread so that if they're deleted (to cover their asses) there will be a record of what they have said, and if any are deleted I would appreciate you posting them here in a comment.