Saturday, October 22, 2011

poisoning the atmosphere with strawmen soaked in gordo's butt juice

October 21, 2011 at 9:19 am

F/N: Above the poisonous miasma of racism has been cast. Let us just say that the cases of Rahab [Canaanite] and Ruth [Moabite] — both of whom were ancestors of King David and thus of Jesus as well — suffice to demonstrate that RACE is not the issue, rather than syncreticism and assimilation to the corrupt pagan practices (as was actually a problem). It is time for a far more responsible reading of the texts in context by objectors.

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gordo brings up Hitler and racism and then blames it on "objectors". Yeah, gordo, RACE is NOT the issue, so why are you bringing it up and why is joe-boi bringing it up? No so-called "objectors" brought it up in the first place and have even pointed out that it has nothing to do with race. You have used every dishonest trick possible to dodge the totally reasonable questions you've been asked and to avoid facing that you believe in and worship a so-called god that is depicted as a bloodthirsty monster in your own so-called holy book.

All of your insane rhetoric and accusations in that thread and any other you've ever participated in are what YOU are guilty of. You are totally and definitively what you constantly condemn. Your projection of your own evil, rotten thoughts and behavior onto others is a vivid picture of your malignant narcissism and utter insanity. The so-called Devil could take lessons from you in how to be more despicable and hate-worthy. The fact that you believe in and worship such a monstrous so-called god is proof positive that you are as vile, cruel, and deranged as he is depicted to be in religious texts.

Your alleged morality is based on a mythical, vicious monster and on the cruel, abhorrent thoughts, words, and actions of that monster. You are obviously capable of any crazed thought and action, and for society's sake and safety you should be immediately locked up in a carefully guarded asylum for the rest of your miserable life, and not be allowed to have any contact with the outside world. Your wife and children are certainly some of the most abused people on this planet, and while I don't feel sorry for your wife (unless she was somehow forced to marry you) I do feel sorry for your children for getting stuck with a deranged, dangerous, abusive maniac like you for a father.

You repeatedly and falsely accuse me of threatening your family while in reality it is YOU who is the threat to them. Your insanity and toxicity will ruin them, and very likely already has. Are you also sexually molesting your kids, and/or the children of other people? It wouldn't surprise me. That sort of behavior is common in extreme religious zealots like you. Frankly, I think that your public, extreme, religious insanity is a facade that you use to cover up your private, real thoughts and actions. ted haggard, and catholic child molesters come to mind.