Monday, September 12, 2011

barry arrington's "contest"

Have you seen this?

What a fucking dishonest, empty bluff. Yeah, as if they would actually pay up. It doesn't matter what anyone says or shows in regard to the "supernatural" claims of the IDiots. The IDiots will just lie and evade and make shit up like they always do, and they will NEVER admit that their ID claims are ALL based on their belief in a "supernatural" god. Just look at the responses from the IDiots so far. All evasive, dishonest, goal post moving bullshit. And kairosflaccid even brought up "Sen McCarthy", "S-A-U-L A-L-I-N-S-K-Y", "Plato", and a LOT of other irrelevant, accusatory garbage.

Even though DrBot was just trying to get arrington to clarify some things, arrington puked: "UD Editor: DrBot is determined to sidetrack the contest onto the consciouness problem. We are just as determined not to let him."

But, it's obviously just fine for gordo or any other IDiots to "sidetrack" as much as they like. What a surprise, NOT.

And of course there's also the FACT that UD won't allow the vast majority of the people who might or would respond to the so-called "contest" to even post comments there.

Hey arrington, you bloviating brain dead coward, why don't you post your "contest" on ATBC, and Pharyngula, and WEIT, and here, and other sites that oppose your dishonest ID claims?

It should also be obvious to anyone with a clue that arrington's "contest" is about as well defined as the so-called 'ID theory/inference' itself. Like ID, the "contest" is so vague, undefined, and full of holes that it's all just a useless arrogant joke. And since arrington the dishonest IDiot is the one who has appointed himself as the judge of the "contest", what conclusion do you think he will come to?