Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pardon, gordo....

..but you are a pompous bloviating ASS, and I don't mean the equine kind.

To Neil Rickert you arrogantly barfed:

September 8, 2011 at 4:51 am


Why do you insist on strawman caricature, regardless of how often you are corrected? Do you not see that that insistence goes to your sincerity, and not happily so, in the end?

(and a lot of other bile)


gordy, you are NOT a god. You are NOT the arbiter of what's "correct". You are NOT in charge. You are NOT the boss. You are NOT the ruler of the world or the universe. You are NOT sane. In fact, you are a total nutcase with severe mental problems.

YOU are the one who constantly erects strawman caricatures, and who constantly poisons the atmosphere with your IDiotic drumbeat repetitive rhetorical talking points, your ad hominems laced and soaked with the crude oil in your pea brain, your dishonest, maniacal lunacy, your massively pompous bald assertions and demands, your delusions of god-hood, your FALSE accusations, your deliberate LIES, your wacked out, dominionistic, theocratic worldview and agenda, your reliance on ridiculous religious fairy tales, your weird love affair with and nauseatingly endless quoting of Plato and other characters, your confused, incoherent, non-scientific, rambling diatribes, and your GARGANTUAN EGO.