Monday, September 26, 2011

pav lies, and then brings out the god-did-it argument

My responses are in bold type.

September 26, 2011 at 2:41 pm


So ID theory has another challenge — how to explain chromosomal rearrangements outside of material evolutionary processes?

Actually, it’s the other way around. ID has never said anything other than the genetic changes leading to macroevolution must, perforce, by intelligently “guided”.

Oh really? That's ALL ID has ever said? And what does that mean exactly? Oh yeah, god-did-it, right?

ID can explain these “chromosomal rearrangements”, whereas material evolutionary processes cannot. All you have done is to say this is what must be happening; but you don’t posit any kind of driving force or mechanism.

Totally fucking hilarious! ID can't explain a fucking thing. All you IDiots have done is to say that god-did-it, but you expect and constantly demand a detailed driving force and mechanism for evolution from scientists and science supporters.

For example, quoting from the abstract:

With their capacity to drive non-adaptive host evolution, mobilized TEs can restructure the genome and displace populations from adaptive peaks, thus providing an escape from stasis and generating genetic innovations required for rapid diversification.

The obvious, pertinent, and unanswered, question is this:

If all of these changes are “non-adaptive”, then what is the driving force?

Well, it sure isn't your imaginary god.

ID would simply say that an intelligent agent is behind them.

Of course ID would say that, but saying god-did-it doesn't explain anything, dumbass!

They found more than 1500 genes that were expressed in the uterus solely in the placental mammals.

What is the probability of blind, non-Darwinian forces effecting even 100 promoter changes at once? Do you have any measure of the improbability of this happening through “random mutations” given the known mutation rates of mammmals?

There's the useless probability crap again. Hey dullard, what's the probability of a blind, delusional IDiot like you ever getting a clue?