Sunday, September 11, 2011

The cult of materialism?

Right after bloviating-again77 goes off on another one of his IDiotic detours, and posts a bible verse, william murray (AKA meleager) excreted this:

William J Murray
September 11, 2011 at 5:28 am

The cult of materialism won’t go quietly into that good night.


Hey billy-boi, you and your fellow religious IDiots are the ones who are members of a cult. Every religion is a cult. You're just jealous, because you're unable and too afraid to think for yourself, like non-religious people do. Ya see, we atheists don't need to belong to a religious cult, which is actually a crutch for weak-minded, uneducated, ignorant, paranoid people, and of course a means by which some members of the cult can control and take advantage of the other members.

One thing I find funny is that you religious wackos think that any religion or denomination of a religion that differs from yours is a cult, and you also think that anyone who doesn't adhere to or practice any religion must be part of a materialist cult. You project your cult-ish thinking onto free-thinking non-theists, just like you project your other weird thoughts and actions onto anyone or everyone whether they are anything like you or not.

You just can't comprehend that many people aren't like you, don't think like you, don't behave like you, don't need the religious crutch you need, don't want to be subservient to an imaginary sky fairy (god), don't fall for asinine religious bullshit stories, don't want to support religious garbage in any way, aren't as weak as you, aren't as delusional as you, aren't afraid to face and understand reality, and don't want to be controlled, influenced, or directed by lunatics like you in any way, shape, or form.

I'm sure you believe that scientifically minded, realistic, rational people get together, hang out together, or join together against IDiots like you, whether on a website or anywhere else, simply because they feel a need to be a part of a group, what you call the materialist cult, but you're wrong.

For example, I'm not interested in science and nature because other people are. I'm not speaking out against IDiots like you because other people are. I'm not an atheist because other people are. I don't comment on websites besides this one because people who agree with me comment on those sites. Sure, it's always nice when others have similar interests or agree with me, but that is not what motivates me and I don't NEED that.

I do not go with a group just because the group says I should, or because I feel a need to be a part of a group. I go with the actual evidence and reality. Any other free thinking, scientifically minded, realistic, rational person would do the same thing. You, on the other hand, follow the group no matter which direction they go. You, and other religious zombies like you, fall for and will adhere to anything the group, or the leaders of the group, tell you to.

Weaklings like you like to be told what to think, believe, and do. You are a child who never grew up, and probably never will. You need a mommy to tell you and a daddy to make you. You need direction and discipline from an authority figure, and you want siblings (the other members of the group/cult) so that you don't feel alone.

Have you noticed that I never refer to myself as "we"? You IDiots regularly do. Why is that? Want me to tell you? Okay, it's because you religious weaklings can't stand the thought of being alone and you NEED to feel as though you have support from others and are a part of a group (cult). You wimps often say "we" even though there's no actual "we". You just assume that your brothers and sisters in religious IDiocy must agree with every word you spew so you say "we" to convince yourselves that you have support and agreement from the other members of your cult, and to make it look as though there are a lot of you with the same opinion, whether there are or not.

There are times when saying "we" or speaking for others may be appropriate but a lot of you IDiots do it when it's far from appropriate or honest.

People like you are followers. Even your so-called leaders are followers, although just not quite as much as you sheep in the congregation. You'd follow pretty much anything as long as it's popular and the more popular something is the more likely you'll follow it, just so that you can be a part of the popular group. Tell me, is your religion a 'popular' one?

You think and say that that's what 'materialists' do but scientifically minded, realistic, rational people (what you would call materialists) would run away from a group in a heartbeat if that group were to accept, adopt, or promote anything like the kind of bullshit fairy tales that you religious zombies believe in and worship. Frankly, I don't like the term 'materialists' and am only using it because you do. I don't label myself as a materialist. I think of myself as a free thinker who cares about real evidence and keeps an open mind about unanswered things as long as those things are within reason. In other words, I don't keep an open mind about the kind of crazy shit you religious zealots spew. I don't have all the answers about nature, and no one else does, and I can wait for real evidence instead of falling for and promoting asinine fairy tales that a five year old should abandon.

I may add more to this later.