Saturday, September 17, 2011

Run for your lives!

September 16, 2011 at 8:16 am

Group think, intimidatory thought police in action, again in the halls of the academy; for the thought “crime” of daring to question the “consensus” in a student presentation.

Yes, a student presentation.

Notice, how having a student reduced to tears and shaking seemingly did not trigger any sense that they were going beyond any reasonable behaviour; a classic sign of thought police in self-righteous action, hoping to trigger fear and/or guilt as an emotional response on the part of one who has failed to toe the partyline, similar to the U Colorado case recently handled by Barry A.

I hope there were witnesses willing to speak.

We need to make some financial bloody-nose examples of a few intellectual bullies like this, to stop this sadistic –and I MEAN that term (“who di cap fit. let ‘im wear it . . . “, cf. senses 2 & 3) — grown up version of the school yard bully.

Bullies like that only respect superior force.

(And believe you me if you were to attack and intimidate one of my students in front of me like this — especially a young lady, and ignored warnings to back off, I would step in decisively. Bully-boy. And if you persist, you will get what you are asking for, jackbooted SS bully-boy. As in, student harassment with power/status abuse and obvious sexual intimidation overtones. Kiss your career goodbye. Bully Verbal rapist!)

See why dismissive rhetoric that pretends there is not a serious problem in science or science education, as can be seen above, have no impact on me?

I know too many cases in point of abusive behaviour, and I can tell the foul demonic stench of SS bully-boyism a mile off, upwind.

Ganging up on a GIRL to intimidate her for presenting a student presentation!

And, keeping at it till she is reduced to tears and shaking!

Frankly, you should be taken to the schoolyard wood-shed and thoroughly whupped, with a good old fashioned tamarind switch . . . one soaked in saltwater first.

Maybe, it has not got through your thick comfortable skulls that if you keep on doing that sort of thing, you are going to pick on the wrong girl one of these days and her bro or boyfriend or husband or dad or uncle or cousin is going to come for you and give you a very literal bloody nose.

Regardless of consequences.

Those are the matches you are playing with, academic bully-boys.

Lesson no 1 of half-decent broughtupcy: don’t pick on girls, or on someone who cannot hit back.


gordo is on the warpath. I'm scared, NOT.

Hey gordo, what you're bitching about is what you do everyday. You act like a bully and are a verbal rapist and try to force people to swallow everything you spew. You think you have some sort of "consensus" and that anyone who doesn't agree with you needs to be sadistically punished for thought crimes. Hmm, that's what your chosen god allegedly thinks too. No wonder you're that way. Actually, you think you are god, don't you? You sure do act like you do.

Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if you're a physical rapist, but maybe not of girls. Exactly what kind of porn are you looking at on the web?