Monday, September 19, 2011

Chris Doyle
September 19, 2011 at 9:51 am

You most certainly were citation bluffing, Elizabeth. That stunt combined with your recent “Trust me, I’m a scientist” tactic and your general, repeated unresponsiveness at crucial moments in various discussions are all clear indicators that you are wasting our time.


Hey doyle, let's see you provide a citation that verifies any ID claim with scientifically testable evidence. Well?

And it's absolutely hilarious, and so revealing of your lack of integrity and courage, that you would accuse anyone else of being repeatedly unresponsive in various discussions at crucial moments. You run away like a scared child every time you're confronted in discussions on any site other than UD. You're nothing but a whiny little crybaby coward, and you fit right in with all the other IDiotic cowards on UD.

You ran away from EL's blog and you're way to cowardly to come here and face me. From EL's blog, where you got your IDiotic ass kicked, you ran back to the UD sanctuary, like the wanking coward you are, and are now acting like you think you're a big man because you know that your sniveling coward butt-buddies will encourage your childish behavior and will help you gang up on EL. If I were to ever meet any of you weenies in person I'd show you what a bunch of gutless, wimpy punks you are while you cry and scream for your mommies.

You and your cohorts on UD are as cowardly and despicable as anyone could possibly be. You hide behind the wall of protection on UD and think that that makes you a tough guy. What you're actually proving is that you're a spineless sore loser, and you're taking it out on EL because you didn't get away with your arrogant, blustering 'Trust me, I know everything!' tactic on her blog.

Now go get your diaper changed, you little baby.