Monday, September 5, 2011

Thanks for the laugh

September 5, 2011 at 6:05 pm

Some people just like being provocative. It’s part of their personality. So they will involve themselves with the most provocative groups as a form of entertainment. What they don’t realize of course, is that they end up contributing to the musings of someone much more dangerous.

This is why I urge people not to even give them the attention they seek. There’s one particular blog that has made specific verbal attacks against members here on UD. If that blogger became aware that we aren’t paying any attention to him (by not posting comments on his blog), he might simply get bored with his attacks and move on to something else. Unfortunately, there’s still people here engaging with him. Some are attempting to reason with him; but he’s not reasonable. Even those on markf’s blog (where we first heard from him) for the most part are ignoring him more than people here are. That says something. We might think Darwinists are just a wee bit crazy for accepting Darwinism, but even they recognize a looney (not the Canadian monetary form) when they see one.


Whether you and your IDiot buddies post comments here or not, I still know that you're reading what I say. If you don't post comments here, it's not because you're ignoring me, it's because you're too chickenshit.

Hmm, I wonder why you don't see o'leary, or kairosfartus, or born-to-be-a-tard77, or mung, or gildo, or doyle, or yourself, etc., as "being provocative"? And the article you posted your above comment to is about as "provocative" as an article can be. In fact, what ISN'T "provocative" on UD?

Do you involve yourself with the provocative IDiot group on UD as a form of entertainment? Do you also involve yourself with a provocative religious group (your religion/church) as a form of entertainment?

Considering all of the murderous, vile acts committed by religious people throughout the history of man, are you and your fellow IDiots contributing to "the musings of someone much more dangerous" by being religious yourself, and by spewing your fear and hatred of Darwin, science, evolution, and anyone who doesn't worship the same imaginary, monstrous god that you worship?

Oh, and maybe you can explain what is reasonable, and not-looney, and not-crazy about your religious beliefs and your dishonest, religious and political ID agenda?