Thursday, September 8, 2011

gordon e. mullings, NOT a paragon of virtue or goodness

gordo says: "Morality is not arbitrary.."

Yours is. In fact, your morality is nonexistent.

gordo says: "I am noticing just how hard it is to see what is being said, and what is NOT being said. That is a measure of how deeply poisoned the atmosphere is. (And, I am always a bit less than amused when words are pushed into my mouth that do not belong there. I have said and linked more than enough that what is being said and what is a strawman caricature can be distinguished.)"

Do you mean like the words you dishonestly keep pushing into my mouth that don't belong there? You know, the ones you dishonestly spew about me allegedly threatening you and your family? The ones you put quote marks around, even though I NEVER said them? Is that the strawman you're talking about? And is the constant poisoning of the atmosphere BY YOU what you're talking about? It OUGHT to be.

gordo says: "Humans, are finite, fallible, morally fallen/ struggling and too often ill-willed. None of us is strong enough to bear the weight of being an IS who can ground OUGHT."

Speak for yourself, dipshit.

gordo says: "And, as moral strugglers, sorry, I get wary when I hear ANYone putting himself forth as a paragon of virtue or goodness."

Then you should be absolutely terrified of yourself, and frankly, I think you are. Because YOU are filled with terrible, amoral thoughts and desires, you think that everyone is, and it scares the shit out of you to think that others are anything like you. You NEED a set of external rules (what you would call morals) that are defined and determined by some 'authority' (god, religion, the bible) to internally fight against all those evil thoughts and desires you constantly have, and to convince yourself that you are a paragon of virtue or goodness, even though you're not. You project your wicked thoughts and desires onto everyone else because you want to believe that everyone else is as fucked up as you are and needs the same set of rules from the same 'authority' as you do.

You're a deranged basket-case gordo, and you don't even come close to displaying/living the moral standards that you constantly projectile vomit about in your drumbeat repetitive rhetorical talking points.

gordo says; "Please, do not let the moral equivalency tactic mislead you. We are dealing here with a known dangerous worldview that undermines morality."

Don't worry, I won't. I won't let your dishonest tactics mislead me from seeing that your known dangerous worldview undermines morality, honesty, reality, and freedom. Your so-called morals are not superior, and they're not even equivalent. They are a a fraud, perpetrated by a fraud: YOU.