Friday, September 9, 2011

IDiots never think before they speak

In this post...

...pav, the incredibly stupid IDiot says:

"And, of course, moving onto the whats and the hows is only more problematic. My grandfather used to say: “How do you build a house? Answer: You build four walls and a roof.” Simple explanation; but a whole lot of work, expense and details are involved. You can wave around Darwinian orthodoxy all day, but how many questions of the sort that Loennig asks does it really answer?"

Hey pav, you and the other delusional IDiots can wave around religious orthodoxy and your so-called 'ID theory/inference' all day, but how many questions of the sort that scientists and science supporters ask does it really answer?

You morons really ought to learn to think about how your bald assertions and stupid questions apply to YOUR worldview/agenda/beliefs before you IDioticly spew them.

Oh, and let's see you list all of the "details" of how your chosen god, er, I mean the intelligent designer (LOL), designed and created the universe, the Earth, everything that has ever lived, and every event and process that occurs and has ever occurred throughout the entire universe, with at least the same level of 'detail' and explanation that you expect and demand from science. Come on pav, show me that you know more about the "details" than science does. Let's see your whats and hows, in detail. I'm waiting.