Monday, September 5, 2011

The "critical essentials"

First, read this:

and then this:

and then this:

and notice that gildo and his IDiot friends really get into the "critical essentials" when promoting their ID agenda. I mean, those guys use nothing but strongly verified, critically essential, scientific evidence and arguments. Shit, gildo's dad even developed the atom bomb, so what gildo says must be true, and all science! He and his fellow IDiots would never resort to religious or "provocative" claptrap to try to support their so-called 'scientific ID theory/inference'. Perish the thought!

Hey gildo, something you haven't learned is that you can't just say that design or the "secrets" are there. To be taken seriously, you have to verify that they're there, or at least come up with a scientific program that produces results that will likely or certainly lead to design or the "secrets". The scientists who developed the atom bomb not only found the necessary "secrets" but verified them and developed them into an actual bomb. They didn't just sit around praying, or assert religious bullshit on an ID promoting website and expect to be taken seriously by science or the military. They had to produce something that actually worked, from their SCIENTIFIC experiments.

What scientific ID experiments are you doing gildo, and what have you actually produced that scientifically verifies ID?