Friday, September 9, 2011

yoo hoo, gordeeeeeee

gordo (kairosflaccid) says (on his website):

"Consequently, we can easily see that [c] the attempt to infer or assert that intelligent design thought invariably constitutes "a 'smuggling-in' of 'the supernatural' " (as opposed to explanation by reference to the "artificial" or "intelligent") as the contrast to "natural," is a gross error; one that not only begs the question but also misunderstands, neglects or ignores (or even sometimes, sadly, calculatedly distorts) the explicit definition of ID and its methods of investigation as has been repeatedly published and patiently explained by its leading proponents."

So, gordo, your chosen god, the christian god, whom you and most or all other IDiots contend is the intelligent designer, is natural then?