Sunday, September 18, 2011

Totally off his rocker

In this thread, bullshit-again77 is really showing what a deranged, arrogant lunatic he is:

A few of the things he says in that thread are:

"DrREC, despite what you may think of my ‘hypocritical’ standard for science, the standard for empirical science is brutally unchanging in its threshold of satisfaction and requires nothing less than a actual empirical DEMONSTRATION for what you are claiming, and in such resolute firmness empirical science is the very antithesis of hypocrisy!!!."


"DrREC, you do not seem to grasp the most fundamental point of empirical science. For you to support your delusional claims for neo-Darwinism, you must actually demonstrate the origination of genes and proteins by purely neo-Darwinian processes. You cannot assume the conclusion you want to make in your argument, by merely alluding to sequence similarity. It is the very point being debated and is not satisfied by anything less than a actual demonstration."


"Prof. FX Gumby, perhaps you can entertain ‘this fool’ with a actual DEMONSTRATION of neo-Darwinian evolution generating genes/proteins, instead of just sequence similarity comparison that presupposes the very thing being asked into its conclusion???."

Tell ya what phil-boi, let's see YOU demonstrate ANY ID claims. And let's see YOU demonstrate that your chosen god or any god exists, that noah's flood actually occurred, that noah actually existed, that dinosaurs lived alongside humans and were on the so-called ark, that a dude named jesus was crucified and rose from the dead a couple thousand years ago, that two people now named adam and eve are the parents of all mankind, that the so-called garden of eden actually existed, that snakes can talk, that there's a heaven and hell, that angels exist, that spirits exist, that your chosen god can turn someone into a pillar of salt, that your chosen god can do anything at all, and that you aren't a raging, maniacal, pompous, self righteous, uneducated, ignorant, bloviating, fairy tale believing, insane nutcase.