Friday, September 9, 2011

o'leary, believer and purveyor of unbelievable beliefs

In this waste of bandwidth...

...o'leary drools:

"We can’t know why Venema shortchanges Christian students by promoting unbelievable beliefs instead of engaging facts, but he is a minor figure in a broad, and depressing, picture."

Engaging facts? As if o'leary engages facts? o'leary is complaining about someone allegedly shortchanging christian students by promoting unbelievable beliefs? I'm face palming and LMAO at the same time. A dingleberry has more brains and integrity than o'leary does.

I think it's also funny that she and the other IDiots on UD bitch about other religious people who accept scientific explanations of biological evolution, etc.

o'leary, you definitely are an airhead, and a minor figure in a broad and depressing picture.