Monday, July 18, 2011

Anal retentive




2:22 pm

Dr Cudworth

Sadly, we need to do both.

On long observation, I have found that the favourite and most consistent rhetorical tactic of the evolutionary materialist Darwin defenders is to distract attention from a cogent response or point, by dragging a red herring away towards already set up strawmen soaked in ad hominems and ignited by incendiary rhetoric to cloud, poison, polarise and confuse the atmosphere.

To win, they plainly need confused, angry people drunk on toxic materialist rhetoric.

This of course is exactly what Alinsky espoused in his Rules for Radicals.

Especially in the aftermath of having had an attack on my family by way of the mafioso tactic we know you, we know where you are, we know those you care for . . . and other vile and slanderous things I will not summarise; where my family has absolutely nothing to do with the issues I have addressed, e.g. in the foundations series that has a new post here today, but such outing tactic thuggery is going to have an intimidatory and chilling effect on others.

(SIDEBAR: If they had bothered to ponder on what my given name means and why I got it as a Jamaican, they would have learned that they picked the wrong man to try to intimidate or hurt by personal abuse and threats to his family — just look up “bydand” and the Jamaican national hero of the same name of that regiment to see why — but this tells me we are dealing with exactly the sort of ruthless amoral materialist thuggery that Plato warned against: “the highest right is might.” NOT. Bullies like this only understand the equivalent of a swift bloody nose from an intended victim in the school yard, and those who egg them on or harbour them will only understand seeing that such tactics backfire bigtime and cost them more than they can afford to pay. They are going to have to learn that when they go nuclear like that, they are going to pay a stiff price, one they have only just begun to pay. The first down payment is that these have now totally lost all credibility and respect, and are now known enemies of the civil peace of justice; in the case of one of my would be tormentors, he is trying to hold up the fig leaf that the girl he took dubious pics of is 23 years old, i.e. half his age, and plainly her face says 1/3 his age or so; so when he came out spewing hate over an expose of damage wreaked by cyber porn, that tells me all I need to know. We need to understand this is what we are dealing with and we must understand that the pretence of civility or morality in such mouths is going to be simply a subterfuge. Until there is clear evidence of repentance and transformation of life, we are dealing with those who have crossed the line beyond mere personal insult to being threats to the civil peace of justice. That is, they have become criminal. The Christian duty is to love sinners while dealing firmly with sin and its destructive effects. That implies a right of defense of the innocent and of the civil peace of justice; why the Magistrate bears the sword as God’s servant. Starting with the friendly local police. [Updating the technology, SA 85s and MP 5s. Don't forget, Paul accepted protection of the equivalent of a reinforced armoured cav troop.])

So, yes, we have to get the scientific issues right.

We have to get our tone right:polite but firm.

We have to deal with worldviews and ethics issues right, and correct a lot of fallacies.

Yes, where we make mistakes, these jokers will try to pounce.

So, if we see errors, let us correct them, making sure we have the vital points right.

But, we have to understand that even where we are right we are going to deal with those who will be willfully deceitful and will construct handy strawmen laced with poisonous ad hominems they can ignite.

Such as Dr Matzke et al have plainly done for YEARS in the teeth of all corrections on the “ID is creationism in a cheap tuxedo” smear.

What we have to do on this one, is that when we see those who are patently dishonest like this, we have to stop simply trying to please and plead with such to be reasonable and civil.

“Nay, my sons . . . ” does not work.

He who insists on poisonous rhetoric like this in the teeth of correction has identified himself as an enemy of the truth and the right, and as an ally of the sort of internet thugs I am dealing with.

Such a person — hard as it is for me to have to say so — is, by his persistent actions, a slanderer and a willful deceiver.

And yes, Dr Matzke, regrettably, by your actions, that means you. And until you amend your ways, it will continue to mean you. So, please amend your ways before it is too late.

Those who cross a nuke tripwire by indulging in thuggery or willful slander and willful deception — refusing all correction — have to live with the consequences of the path the have insistently taken.




I'll have some comments on this later. In the meantime, comments from readers are encouraged, and especially from Lou.

If any of you would like to see what gordy thinks is pornographic and immoral, take a look at these very nice photos of some attractive ADULT women, including the 23 year old:

And what the fuck does Lou's age have to do with anything? He was just the photographer for crying out loud, and anyone 18 or above (or younger in many places) is a legal adult anyway! Whatever Lou does with any willing woman who is at or above the age of majority is legal and none of gordy's business. Young ADULT women hire photographers all the time who may be older than they are. So what?!? gordy must get bent out of shape when people photograph their naked babies! OH NO, it's baby porn!