Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blithering IDiot

My responses are in bold type.




10:28 pm

Damn! Ever since I got religion and figured out that Darwinism is junk pseudoscience I’ve obviously lost at least 20 points of IQ.

gildo, you grossly underestimate your ongoing deterioration.

Just think of what I could have done in aerospace R&D software engineering if I had just remained an atheist and bowed at Darwin’s altar!

Oh, so now you're claiming that being a religious IDiot, bowing at your imaginary god's altar, somehow helps with aerospace R&D software engineering? Maybe you can describe how?

And gildo, how many times are you going to bore the readers at UD with your braggadocios self promotion? By the way, you apparently forgot to bring up your alleged piano playing skills. I'm thinking that playing 'chopsticks' would be too demanding for you.