Tuesday, July 19, 2011





4:44 pm

“My goal in supporting Origin of Life research is to help scientists solve one of the great remaining problems in biology. A solution will give every science teacher in the world, from high school to college, a fundamental understanding of how life probably began on the Earth. In time, the world will learn that the laws of chemistry and physics, and the principle of evolution by natural selection, are sufficient to explain life’s origin.”

ha ha ha ha ha ha …. ha ha ha ha ha

ONE of the great remaining problems?? As if neo-darwinian theory has solved anything.

Gimme a break. I think the brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Andersen would have had a better shot… Let’s call this what it is, a fool’s errand. Any proposal could also be called a fairy tale.

In time the world will learn that the Logos is sufficient to explain life’s origin. Don’t be late for that one.


"the Logos is sufficient to explain life’s origin"

Really? It's only "sufficient" to brain-dead god-bots like you.

And don't you IDiots vehemently say that ID isn't creationism, and that you're not creationists, and that ID is "scientific"?

You might want to think a little before using the term "fairy tale", but then you're incapable of thinking.

What have you IDiots ever "solved"?