Thursday, July 14, 2011





2:22 am

“I’m about EL’d out here.”

That appears to be an intentional goal. If one pays attention to the behaviors of these people, one begins to notice that one of their mode of argumentation, employed by the more “polite” ones, is what I call “Argument by Attrition.”




2:33 am

Well, you know, the primary solution to being “Lidded out” is to ignore *everything* she posts. Sure, in her mind, that will be interpreted as that she “won” … but her mind needs some furniture, anyway, so why not let her have that particular broken-down sofa?


ilion (ilyin'), you're a chickenshit punk, and the argument by attrition is coming from you and the other IDiots, and especially bornagain77 and kairosfocus. You all regurgitate the same crap over and over and over again and none of it ever provides any new or useful information. The only information in what any of you say is that you're all crazy, arrogant cowards.