Tuesday, July 19, 2011

gordon e. mullings, homo troglodytes turdinmouthicus

kairosfocus: "What is material is that you are resorting to a multiverse speculation, for which you have not a shred of empirical data, in a question-begging attempt to impose evolutionary materialism as the “only” viable answer."

gordo, you don't have a shred of evidence or empirical data of ID, CSI, FSCI, FSCO/I, specified complexity, god or any other claim of your religion, etc., and every word you spew is a question-begging attempt to impose your religious dogma as the “only” viable answer.

kairosfocus: "What is plainly emerging is that the real alternative to taking the observed evidence pointing to fine tuning seriously, is to quietly slip across the border from science into speculative philosophy, insulating the speculations from comparative difficulties analysis by wearing a lab coat. Then, act as though speculation is fact. Doesn’t work."

gordy, you and your IDiot comrades have nothing but delusional speculation and mental difficulties and you're the ones who act as though your speculation is fact. You have no evidence whatsoever of any of your ID and/or religious claims. Fine tuning is a speculative assumption. ID is a speculative assumption. Any god is a speculative assumption. Actually, calling your insane beliefs speculation is being way too kind.

kairosfocus: "Sorry, while I am thankful to be alive, when I see that the cosmos that enables this looks suspiciously set up, I want to know why, and why in a context of real evidence not conveniently unobserved or unobservable speculations and models."

Well, gordy, in that case, you're going to have to rid yourself of all of your ridiculous fairy tale religious beliefs and do some real science with real evidence. Observable, scientifically testable and verifiable evidence, not bible-babble, poorly done math, delusional speculation, arrogant proclamations, lies, distortions, strawmen, red herrings, drumbeat repetition of rhetorical talking points laced with ad hominems, false accusations, sanctimonious preaching, and being a gigantic asshole. Oh, and it only "looks suspiciously set up" because you want to convince gullible people into believing that it was or is set up by your imaginary god.

kairosfocus: "Our observed universe began, is contingent and has a cause external to itself. Ultimately, per logic, that chain of cause terminates in a necessary being, one that is not contingent."

Prove that it's contingent. Prove that it has a cause external to itself. Prove that you and your beliefs have any logic. Prove that chain of cause. Prove that there's a necessary being. Prove that that chain of cause terminates in a necessary being. Prove who that being is. Prove that that being is not contingent. You're all talk and speculative assumptions (actually insane religious beliefs), with no evidence whatsoever. You bash science because you don't know a thing about it and because you want to cram your bullshit beliefs down everyone's throat.