Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lewontin! and more mafioso too!



I've rarely seen so many lame and dishonest attempts to weasel out of something, as I've seen in that thread. The ID/creationists there will use any lie and bullshit excuse they can conjure up to try to pretend that ID 'theory' is not creationism. ID is creationism. ID is a religious agenda, and of course the IDiots want to inject their religious crap into politics/public policy too.

As for kairosfocus, well, he's still a lying sack of runny shit.

And isn't it funny that thomas cudworth chastises Nick Matzke about "trying to score debating points on the internet about historical trivia", yet cudworth and the other IDiots bring up old trivial shit all the time to try score debating points on the internet? I wonder why cudworth isn't jumping all over kairosfocus and others for bringing up REALLY old trivial shit (actually completely irrelevant old shit)? Okay, I don't really wonder. I know that he doesn't jump on them because they're his ID buddies, and they're immune to being chastised or corrected. cudworth's massive double standards are clearly obvious in that thread.