Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More barf from tgpeeler




11:18 am

lastyearon ““design is excluded a priori because it’s not “scientific”” when it has been pointed out over and over that science doesn’t exclude ‘design’. It excludes the supernatural.”

Science doesn’t exclude design?? What planet are you living on, earthling? Of course “science” excludes design. Science HAS TO exclude design (and God) because of its fundamental metaphysical commitment, which is naturalism. Man, if you can’t even keep your own stuff straight…

Let’s try this. Only the natural is amenable to explanation by science. (This is not a scientific statement.) Therefore, only the natural exists. All that is natural is physical or material. God/design are not physical or material, therefore, God/design do not exist.

That whole bit of nonsense depends upon the truth of naturalism but naturalism is patently and necessarily false. Plus how do you get from science explains the material world (no argument here) to that means the material world is all that exists? Explain that to me.

Let me extend my offer to EL to you. What are your non-negotiable intellectual commitments? Do you have any?


And your arrogance goes on and on, tom.

Believe it or not, dipshit, the word "design" doesn't always mean 'intelligent design', as in your delusional religious agenda.

And for some strange reason you're conflating your erroneous claim that "science excludes design" with "God/design do not exist". Shouldn't all those upstanding IDiots on UD be accusing you of being 'intellectually dishonest'? If you weren't a god-bot they sure would be.

Today's lesson for you: Not all atheists, agnostics, naturalists, materialists, evolutionists, scientists, or 'Darwinists' claim that there is no god. Many just claim, and correctly so, that there is no evidence of a god. I included all those labels just so that you wouldn't say that I left anyone out that you think is an evil heathen.

I'd really like to see your scientific method for investigating and determining whether something is supernatural or not. I would also like to see your scientific method for investigating whether something is intelligently designed, by your chosen god or any god, or not.

I would ask you what your intellectual commitments are but it's already clear that you have no intellect, so the question would be a waste of time. It's obvious that you're just another brainless god-bot who prefers fairy tales over reality.