Wednesday, July 20, 2011

gordy is a 'fine tuned' obnoxious gasbag




4:55 pm

F/N: I have responded to DM’s intemperate remarks at 20 above, in the proper thread, here at no 68. DM is hereby notified of his status if he refuses to clean up his act: Strike Two. GEM of TKI


What happens at strike three, gordo? Will DM cross the 'nuclear threshold'? Will you stomp your feet and wail like a baby like you always do? Will you report him to Scotland Yard, Interpol, and the local police, just for not kissing your sanctimonious ass? Will you repeat for the millionth time your whiny tirade about ruthless factions, Lewontin, Sagan, communists, nazis, Stalinists, Marxists, Darwinists, materialists, jack boots, internet thuggery, mafioso style threats, and all that other insane blather you love to projectile vomit?

Will you also shout Bydand and proclaim yourself to be the noble guardian of all that is moral and good, taking a stand on the hill, even though you're actually just a lying, amoral, chicken-shit sissy that hides behind a protective wall of blocking and banning at your chosen sanctuary UD? Will you call for the public stoning or burning of DM and all others who don't worship you?

Your meek, loving, humble christianity is just gushing out of you.