Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Off his rocker, totally

See numbers 268 and 270 in the thread below, or just read the whole thread if you want to see some incredibly IDiotic tard.

And remember, gordy calls his opponents disrespectful. What a good christian he is.

Here's a small snippet:

"....just have a few sponsored agents of influence set up astroturf fever swamps for mobs of the ill adjusted and educationally lobotomised who are bewitched by the Plato’s cave shadow shows that stand in for reality (why else do you think they want to control education and the media) to stoke up on rage, deceptive talking points and turnabout accusation tactics."

Damn, that sounds just like IDiots!

At number 288 gordy provides a definition of ID and the tactics of Idiots.

This is the thread: