Monday, July 25, 2011

My ancestors were apes

On UD, eocene said:

But more importantly as the old saying goes , “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This of course brings us to every illustration depicting some type of imaginary Ape-type human ancestor with the vivid imagination of a Soothsaying Darwinist who colours the artwork of the half human half animal creature with Negroid features. Seriously, why are all these transitionals given African features ???

My other comment was – “they unconsciously do anyway when they promote all those racist evolutionary graphs & charts which depict someone from Africa with a Negroid background as being the living transitional proof between white Europeans and Apes.”

So again, the illustrations speak for themselves. Now tell me these pics have no effect on the minds and hearts of young people in schools across the planet ??? I can tell you for a fact that African Students I work with hate it.


Tell me, eocene, what should the "transitional(s)" look like or be depicted as? Bright white skinned, red haired, freckled, green eyed people wearing business suits?

I'm white, and it doesn't bother me at all that my prehistoric ancestors were "Negroid" or apes. The evidence amassed so far strongly supports human origin in Africa, and if you look at people native/indigenous to Africa, they're "Negroid" and have "Negroid" features. It's simply a fact. Colors of skin and some other features are just variations within the human species.

Going farther back, we're all related to a fish, and some of them are darker or lighter than others. So what? Should scientists depict all prehistoric fish as having light colored skin just to satisfy your weird hangups about race?

The whole 'racist' thing causes a huge problem with science, and especially with the pursuit and explanation of our origins and evolution. To not offend the ridiculous demands of many people, scientists are expected to deny or modify the truth and walk on eggshells, for fear of pissing off people who are either way too sensitive about race, or get bent out of shape when it's shown that we evolved from an ape. NO WAY! WE WERE MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD, BY GOD! WE'RE SPECIAL AND SUPERIOR TO APES AND EVERYTHING ELSE!

Here's a question for you, eocene:

Since humans come in a variety of colors and other features, which 'race' and features correctly represents the image of god? And exactly which person of that 'race' most accurately represents the image of god?

When any of your "African" students have a problem with the way our ancestors are depicted by science, you should tell them that the depictions are based on the study of the features of the skeletons and the evidence of our origin in Africa.

It's pretty funny that you racist and species-ist godbots are quick to notice and point out the differences between humans and apes, and loudly proclaim that humans are vastly superior to apes and all other life forms, and that humans are the only life forms that are made by god in his image, but when science simply points out the fossil and genetic evidence of our origin and evolution, and depicts the "transitional(s)" as having "transitional" color and other features, you get all huffy and have a tantrum. You're a racist, and so is everyone else who thinks they're above the evidence.