Sunday, July 17, 2011

Never ending tard

After another long tirade about the usual pile of dung, kairosfocus barfed:

"At this stage, Dr Matzke owes us all not only a serious explanation, but patently, an apology and retraction for what he and his ilk have done."

gordy, you bloviating creationist scumbag, nobody owes you or your "ilk" a retraction or an apology. You're the one, along with your ID/creation buddies, who is lying and trying to deceive. Your malignant narcissism is way beyond extreme and your fat head is expanding faster than the universe.

You keep saying that Nick Matzke and his "ilk" have some explaining to do, and now you expect a retraction and apology, but if anyone has some explaining to do and retractions and apologies to make, it's YOU and YOUR "ilk". Your entire agenda and thought process is based on and driven by lies, deceit, deceptions, distortions, strawmen, red herrings, ad hominems, drumbeat repetition of rhetorical talking points, malignant narcissism, religious insanity, your insatiable desire for control, and your expectation and demand of agreement and submission of your 'opponents', and blind worship of you and your chosen god by all people everywhere.

Your mental derangement is entirely out of control.

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