Monday, July 11, 2011

Even more lies, and Plato too!




6:03 am

CY and News:

Pardon, but —

while I agree that we need to be civil (including guarding the civil peace of justice from the likes of those who recently tried mafioso style threats against my family: we know you, we know where you are, we know those you care for . . . and a lot of the evo mat crowd CHEERED this on! not to mention applauding blatant slander, patently dishonest strawman caricature and just plain rudeness ) –

. . . I think Plato pointed out that there is a deeper problem at work, the inherent amorality of evo mat thought, since c 400 BC, leading to ruthless factions and abuses wherever such gain power enough to do damage.

We need to make it plain to the public just where that sort of behaviour is coming from, and raise in that context the implications of amoral worldviews for the survivability of our civilisation.

As the just linked thread shows, even so simple a process as analysing how rights entail duties, thus the objective reality of oughtness, thence the value of the Categorical Imperative for judging that which is morally sound/unsound, would make a big difference.

Beyond that, at worldviews and civilisations level, our civilisation is going to have to make a big decision as to whether it can survive if its intellectual and power elites are dominated by amoral worldviews and agendas.



gordy, you ignorant, sanctimonious, lying asshole. It's amazing that you can somehow justify your constant condemnation of people for alleged 'drum beat repetition of rhetorical points, ad hominems, lies, strawmen, slander, rudeness, abuses, and red herrings' yet you are guilty of doing those very things every time you speak, and you've been doing it for years! You are the very definition of a despicable hypocrite, and your "amoral" actions, worldview, and agenda are an exercise in narcissistic insanity.

You just plain SUCK, and you OUGHT to quit lying about the alleged "mafioso style threats" and the "we know you, we know where you are, we know those you care for" crap. You know that you're just making it all up. If there is a christian god, and the bible is right about what happens to unrepentant sinners, you're going to BURN.

In the meantime, I'm going to keep pointing out your lies and other bullshit.