Wednesday, July 20, 2011

humans and tube worms

kairosfocus loves to go on and on about the alleged fine tuning of the cosmos, and planet Earth. Other IDiots do the same thing.

gordy, like other religious zealots, assumes that humans are the ultimate being and that everything was created and fine tuned for human life, by his chosen (christian) god. Since most or all IDiots and other religious zealots think that there's no life, and especially human life, beyond the Earth, I find it strange that they would argue that the entire cosmos (universe) is fine tuned for life.

Now, let's take a look at some so-called 'fine tuning' for human life, and other life.

Here on the Earth there are many environments that would instantly kill any human, yet other creatures, and/or plants, bacteria, viruses, etc., live and thrive in them. For instance, if gordy were instantly transported to a black smoker deep in the ocean he would die a sudden, violent death. If the tube worms that live on black smokers were instantly transported to the surface they would die a sudden, violent death.

If gordy were instantly transported to our moon, or to Saturn, or Mars, or Mercury, or Europa, etc., etc., etc., he would die a sudden and violent death. If any organism that may live on another planet or moon in the cosmos were instantly transported to the Earth, it would die a sudden, violent death unless the conditions it was transported to on the Earth were just like the conditions at the location it came from.

If gordy were instantly transported to a planet or moon in another galaxy, he would die a sudden, violent death unless the location on that planet or moon that he's transported to is just like a livable (for humans) environment on the Earth.

So, is the cosmos or the Earth fine tuned for life, and especially human life, or does life adapt (evolve) to survive in some niches?

And if the Earth was fine tuned for humans, why didn't "God" provide houses, cars and trucks, paved roads, grocery stores, brothels, theaters, restaurants, cell phones, TV sets, airplanes, ships, submarines, cameras, electric lights, heaters, matches and lighters, razors, video games, trains, bulldozers, wrenches, screwdrivers, microscopes, wheels, medicines, government buildings, business buildings, bridges, liquor, porn, churches, computers, guns, bombs, cartoons, dildos, tampons, toilet paper, eye glasses, wheel chairs, lawn mowers, velcro, super glue, schools, cigarettes, beer, crayons, baseballs, shoes, clothes, bars, violins, trombones, false teeth, mini-skirts, bras, stop signs, communication satellites, gps units, maps, books, DVD players, radios, lipstick, back braces, clocks, ipods, hats, air conditioners, outboard motors, sneeze guards, buttons, zippers, deodorant, tooth paste, beds, furniture, carpet, refrigerators and other appliances, lasers, medical equipment, paper, pots and pans, forks, spoons, cups, cans and can openers, bottles, sun screen, disinfectants, refined fuels, refined metals, toilets, and everything else we need or want right from the start?