Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nothing bad ever happened in the entire universe....

...before Darwin wrote his book.

kairosfocus (gordy) says so:

"In this context, let us be careful to observe the subtle influence of the devaluation of human life, respect for rights, respect for liberty, etc etc, that can all be significantly traced to the subtle cultural effects of the rise of evolutionary materialism as a “scientific” view over the past 150 years."

According to all the bullshit gordy spews, the world, no, the universe, was a peaceful, loving, wonderful Eden before Darwin published On The Origin Of Species. All of the bad things that happen are Darwin's fault.

Let's dig up the bones of that British devil and put them on trial for crimes against humanity and nature! And when those bones are convicted, which they surely will be, let's stone and burn them! That'll teach 'em! (LMAO!)